"The Rich, a History"

The Rich, a History

John's new book, The Rich, A 2000-Year History, will be published on October 2 by Little, Brown. Watch this space for more information, publicity and events

His last two books, Freedom For Sale and Blair's Wars were published to wide acclaim.

Why Iraq is close to becoming a failed state
The nation’s surge towards civil war resurrects the question of what was gained by the US and British invasion of 2003
Sunday Telegraph, 15 June 2014

This so-called special relationship is all at sea
From the yacht search to the latest extradition, America always seems to have the upper hand
Times, 23 May 2014

Your right to know
A European court ruling poses the biggest threat to free speech in years. It’s good news for the corrupt
Sunday Times, 18 May 2014

Review: Hard Times by Tom Clark
A penetrating study of the divisions created by the recession
Observer, 11 May 2014

Western world reduced to role of spectator
President Putin knows we don't mean business when it comes to interfering in Russia's assault on Ukraine
Sunday Telegraph, 4 May 2014

Road trip of the rising sun
Just wait till the drumming and noodle-eating contests start. We take a drive in northern Japan
Sunday Times, 30 March 2014

Who is in Putin's inner circle?
The President’s cabal of old St Petersburg friends rules Russia with a will to reverse perceived humiliations at the hands of the West
Sunday Telegraph, 23 March 2014

Review: A Quiet Word by Tamasin Cave
There's more to crony capitalism than the antics of the sharp-suited lobbyists 
Observer, 16 March 2014

Review: Ad & Wal by Peter Hain
The former Labour cabinet minister has written a beguiling memoir of his parents' low-key yet heroic fight against apartheid in South Africa
Observer, 2 March 2014

Even a less menacing Russian leader than Vladimir Putin would not let Ukraine go easily
The Russian President is fuming about the West and even angrier about Crimea
Daily Telegraph, 1 March 2014

Review: Bending Adversity by David Pilling
An authoritative explanation of Japan's history, culture and curious charms
Observer, 29 Dec 2013

The battle for Ukraine's identity
Torn between Putin's authoritarian Russia to the east and the EU to the west, Ukrainians are divided as to where their fate lies
Guardian, 11 Dec 2013

Let voters express their views on how their tax is spent 
The present method makes for bad economics and worse politics
Times, 5 Dec 2013

US spooks play into the hands of Russia, China and others who want control over global digital citizens 
In Beijing I've seen at first hand how authoritarian regimes aim to exploit the NSA's destruction of a utopian internet vision
Guardian, 7 Nov 2013

Review: A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine, The Last Diaries by Tony Benn
He may be a national treasure to Sunday Telegraph readers, but the grand old man of the left still wants to change the world
Observer, 3 Nov 2013

The UK debate about NSA spying is as nuanced as a James Bond film
The NSA is feeling the heat from Congress. US ambassadors are being summoned. In Britain, the debate is barely being had
Guardian, 31 Oct 2013

MI5 chief is right to enter the Prism debate. But why the cheerleading from the press?
Andrew Parker believes any revelation about our secret services is helping terrorists. But parts of Fleet Street are more interested in payback for Leveson
Guardian, 10 Oct 2013

If he wants to win again, David Cameron must give us some hope
The Prime Minister needs an upbeat message to convince the electorate rather than just promising more austerity
Evening Standard, 2 Oct 2013

Gordon Brown’s boys must prove that Labour intrigue is history
Parliament will struggle to attract MPs of talent as long as parties adhere to the McBride brand of politics
Evening Standard, 23 Sept 2013

Review: Story of a Death Foretold by Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
John Kampfner is impressed by an account of America's role in the revolt that brought Pinochet to power in Chile
Observer, 22 Sept 2013

Review: Fred Goodwin, RBS and the Men Who Blew up the Economy by Iain Martin
The truth about the collapse of RBS makes shocking reading
Observer, 15 Sept 2013

Divorce in haste, repent at leisure
Ed Miliband’s rushed fight with the unions has become a fiasco that can only leave him damaged
Sunday Times, 8 Sept 2013

Syria: forget it's Tony Blair speaking, and his questions seem sensible
Blair is still in denial over Iraq, but are we prepared to leave a rights-based international law to others?
Comment is Free, 6 Sept 2013

Britain can't act on Syria till it faces up to the spectre of Iraq
Until the truth about past mistakes comes out, the UK can't give a clear message about human rights and intervention
Guardian, 26 Aug 2013

Egypt proves that democracy is not always the answer
While the choice is between the army and a repressive Islamist government, free elections are largely pointless
Evening Standard, 20 Aug 2013

Violence in Belfast is driven by the few who feel ignored
Unionists who believe they have nothing to lose in the new-look Northern Ireland are feeling more marginalised than ever
Guardian, 15 July 2013

Clegg is set to be kingmaker again in 2015
The pundits are wrong about the Lib Dem leader. He is open to doing a deal with Miliband
Times, 12 July 2013

Post-Edward Snowden, our civil rights lectures will fall on deaf ears
Neither countries such as China and Russia nor Middle East activists will now take us seriously on human rights
Evening Standard, 1 July 2013

Events & Media

Coming up:

9 July I will speaking at the international Museums Summit at the National Gallery in London

Recent highlights:

18 June - Introduced the work of the Creative Industries Fedeation at the Warwick Commission's cultural leaders' event at London's Barbicans

3 June - Gave the keynote address to the Tourism Society annual meeting in Liverpool

25/26 May - Spoke at a number of events at the Hay Festival

23 May - Opened the Mondrian show at Turner Contemporary

19 May - Gave the keynote speech at the Contemporary Visual Arts Network annual meeting at London's Southbank

25 March BBC News paper review

9 March - Opened the Edmund de Waal exhibit at Turner Contemporary

3 Nov - Presented What the Papers Say on BBC Radio 4

23 Oct - Spoke at Internet Governance Forum in Bali

17 Oct - Attended Central Party School symposium on social media in Beijing

14 Oct - Attended Seoul Conference on Cyberspace

8 Oct - Boston, panel discussion on privacy and surveillance at the International Bar Association

5 Oct - Margate, launched new show at Turner Contemporary: Turner, Constable and Dorothy Cross

4 Oct - Appeared on Any Questions? BBC Radio 4. Listen again

26 Sept - debated surveillance and the role of the state at Intelligence Squared

25 Sept - Strasbourg, spoke on a panel discussion about internet freedom

16 Sept - guest of the day on the Daily Politics show on BBC2

9 Sept - What Syria Means for Britain, special documentary aired on Radio 4. Listen again

9 July - spoke at event on surveillance and internet at the Frontline Club

4 July - welcomed the Prime Minister to Turner Contemporary

Appearances on 24-hour news and other broadcast outlets are not individually listed

Turner Contemporary, Margate

Turner Contemporary

John is Chair of the board of Turner Contemporary, one of the UK's highest profile art galleries. The opening of the gallery in Margate in April 2011 received plaudits around the world, and it is regarded as one of the UK's most important culture-driven regeneration projects. In August 2013 the gallery welcomed its one millionth visitor

For information about its shows and other news, including latest media coverage:

King’s College, London

John is a member of the Council of King’s College London.